RedPen Editorial provides the following services, scaled to best meet your needs. We are happy to assist you in determining what level meets your requirements. We can work with just about any file type necessary, and changes will be tracked for your review. If the manuscript needs to conform to a particular style, RedPen is familiar with MLA, APA, Chicago, and AP.

Because some types of services differ radically from others, the manner by which rates are charged also changes. Most standard editing services are charged per word, so that you might easily determine the cost of the project. If the service requires us to play a deeper role as a consultant and more interaction is required to ensure authorial intent, the rate changes to per hour, billable in six minute increments.

Proofreading - checking final pages for errors in text and design.
$12.00 per 1000 words

We will check your manuscript in its final form at the end of the production cycle, seeking out possible errors that previous editing has missed. This includes faulty punctuation, spelling, numbering and listing, and type formatting. We will also check word breaks, spacing, and page layout if needed. We can read your final pages against another document for accuracy or can read pages cold, depending on your requirements.

Copy Editing - ensuring the correct use of language and consistent style - word for word, sentence for sentence.
$20.00 per 1000 words

Each sentence will be scrutinized for correctness and consistency. This includes checking and correcting spelling, punctuation, capitalization, and hyphenation. We will correct errors in grammar, spelling, and usage, as well as ensure consistency, and query the author as needed. Any potentially inappropriate language (such as bias or stereotype) will be flagged for review. We will also check artwork and references, smooth awkward phrasing, and verify sequencing within the document.

Editorial Proofreading - a combination of proofreading and light copy editing tasks
$20.00 per 1000 words

Your manuscript will be proofread as well as have light copy editing applied. This is not a recommended method, as the level of copy editing will not be as thorough, but if your deadline is tight then this might be a good solution. Rush service is possible (on a per-project basis) at an increased rate of $25.00 per 1000 words

Substantive Editing - performing heavy-level copy editing tasks, rewriting for clarity and tone.
$35.00 per hour

At this level, we will perform substantive line editing on your document. Others might refer to this sort of service as rewriting. Heavy attention will be given to sentence structure and wording. Text will be altered to smooth transitions, headings will be worked for logical structure, and we will suggest additions or deletions of text. Changes will be made to improve flow, and text rewritten for consistency of tone and to improve focus.

Developmental Editing - working with the author on broad issues of content and organization.
$40.00 per hour

We will view the manuscript through a wider lens, examining high-order concerns, and work with the author through the phases of writing and revision to ensure the manuscript reaches its potential. We will address broad issues of content and organization, identify gaps in content, delete divergent content, and rewrite/restructure text. We will coach the author through the writing process as needed.

Technical Editing - ensuring difficult information is presented clearly by employing copy editing and developmental editing techniques.
$40.00 per hour

We will edit your technical publication to ensure computer-related publications are presented clearly. Some examples of this manuscript type might be: programmers guides, user guides, or any type of difficult or scientific material (medical, environmental, financial, engineering). We will work with the developer during both early and late document stages to improve layout and content.

Indexing - creating an alphabetical list of items within a text to help a reader navigate a publication.
$30.00 per hour

We will create a thorough index for your manuscript.